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This scene has been in my head for a while now, and I randomly decided to get it down on paper (or microsoft word) today. I honestly don't know if I like it or not. It's a bit on the weird side.

A somewhat continuation of my "scream therapy" freewrite so I suppose you should read that first to understand
the characters better. It can be found at my LJ account.

Anyway, here it is for your criticizing pleasure

Blinking StarsCollapse )

Another installment

 O’Rourke was frightened by the referee’s presence. He was a powerful-looking, heavy man with slicked back hair, wide-set beady eyes, a broad nose,  and neat jowls of skin that folded in pleats under his enormous jaw. He reeked of Old Spice aftershave and breathed heavily through his mouth.
O’Rourke felt green.

More here.
 Berry had always been told she looked like Joan Baez, and hadn’t ever felt very complimented. She hated folk music, never got Bob Dylan, but also wasn't keen on the disco music that was getting more and more popular.   In short, she wasn't sure who she preferred to resemble in the music world.  O'Rourke was the one with the record collection, not her, not that his records mattered anymore.

As they left the courthouse, she saw them reflected in the plate glass door and had to admit that that she and O’Rourke were a handsome pair, maybe the Joan Baez thing wasn’t that bad of a deal. Even though O’Rourke was wearing a detestable polyester brown leisure suit with the contrast white stitching, he looked sharp. But she was caught short by how drawn her face looked.  She appeared almost elderly. Maybe it was a trick of an imperceptible bend in the glass, caused by the way the light angled and reflected through the city street.  Or perhaps it was what she was wearing -- the granny skirt, two-years old and just going out of style. Her turquoise earrings were tangled in her hair. She had been too distraught to do anything about that.

[The story is continued here.

I don't know whether this will work or not, but I plan on writing it backwards, so that earlier in time scenes will be posted later.  Readers can read in either direction.]

TimeKeepers: An Aspiring Novel

Mrr~ :3 Hello, all. <3 I suppose that you could say that I'm an aspiring novelist (oh, yes, another dreamer here~), and I've just begun writing out my idea that's been developing in my mind over a short period of time.

My LJ itself, you could say, is my novel-to-be. Thus far, I've written the preface, and the first chapter.

Chapter One
(Due to their length, I'd prefer to link them, if it's alright.)

I'd love any constructive criticism, as well as any passing comments you may have. Feel free to point out anything that you like or dislike; they contribute greatly, more than you know.

Thank you. :3

Elfie's attempt at fiction

 This is a freewrite I wrote a few weeks back, and it also happens to be my first attempt at fiction. I basically gave myself twenty minutes, and et voila, this is what came out of my head. It doesn't have a title.

Now Open For Business

 I know it takes time to build a community.  This new community offers novelists a place to post their works in progress and seek critiques.  Please remember to comment on other's work whenever you post something. 

The publishing environment is not good for new novelists these days, but that doesn't mean we should keep new work from ever appearing.

Please limit the adult content -- no pornography of any kind is allowed.  I would like this to remain a supportive and open community for novelists who are serious about their craft.  I prefer literary fiction but solid genre work of any kind is also fine.  Work that crosses over between fiction and memoir is also welcome.

Please be tasteful in both the selections you post and in your criticism of work you see posted here.